Bird Nest for Balcony . Simple and elegant, beautifully crafted coir products give an aesthetic appeal to any home or office.Most interesting thing is that the real birds come to the nest. Crafted by men and women of picturesque coir villages the innovative range of coir products include mats, rugs, wall hangings, door pieces, bags, hammocks, ceiling/floor furnishing, beds, cushions, little show pieces and blinds. Made from the husk of the coconut, coir craft is a long drawn out process. First the coconut husks in huge quantities are left to decay in the backwaters surrounding these villages. Once the softer parts decay and only the fibre remain, it is collected and woven into ropes on indigenous machines. These are then dyed and meticulously crafted to make varied range of products.

Haastika Coir Craft Bird Nest for Cage, Balcony and Garden

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