Golden Grass is a Grass-like species, locally in Odisha its called Kaincha, its grown in Swampy areas during rainy sessions, Apart from Odisha this is found in West Bengal and Brazil. The artisan community work hard in extreme conditions to support their families with their amazing craft skills. Utilizing the stem, natives of the region sew tightly together with strips and transform the golden grass into a variety of handmade crafts

Haastika Golden Grass Grass Round Box

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    • Used of Product : Golden grass is used to produce (Hat, Basket, Hand Fan, Table Mat, Flower Pot, Jewelry etc)
    • Size - H- 5.5 cm. X W- 11 cm. X Diameter- 30 cm. Manufacturing Location : In Odisha, its manufactured in Gop, Kendrapara districts
    • Material Used : Golden Grass ( Syngonanthus nitens)
    • Care of the Product : Keep the product in clean and dry place Do not wash on regular basis Clean with dry/wet cloth Do not let the dust accumulate on the product Do not place cook wares directly after cooking on the product In case of jewelry Put it after makeup
    • Making Process : To make the sikki - Golden Grass, grass usable, it is first cut from its base and then dried for some days, The blossom part, the stem of golden grass is not used for crafts making, it is thrown away and the remaining portion of the golden grass is sliced and shaved with the help of a knife or by teeth, The golden grass is considered by its wonderful beautiful golden color, so it is also called Golden Grass, It is also colored into dissimilar shades of colors