Haastika Mitti Clay Water Bottle - (Terracotta, Brown) We Used 100% Clay Mitti We are manufacturer and exporter of Terracotta cookware, mitti ke bartan, mitti ki bottle kitchenware, earthenware and clay utensils. Mitti Matti brings handmade eathern clay utensils for your good health and are beautifully designed with natural material. Each item has a perfect shape as crafted with good quality of clay. This brown coloured water bottle is usable for storing water and can be use as gift purpose. The healing properties of clay have been well known for centuries, drinking in clay bottle is very beneficial as they are auto filter and self cooling. Storing water in clay container is the best way rather than the fridge. The only important thing to remember is to clean these vessels every three days and change the water regularly.

Haastika Mitti Clay Water Bottle - (Terracotta, Brown)

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    • We use 100%natural clay as the raw material.
    • Material:Terrakota Clay, Color: Brown
    • Good for Health
    • Safe and healthy handmade products to enrich your kitchen and home décor.
    • Care Instructions: These products can go from the freezer