Paper Mache is a composite material made from (Paper Pulp, sometimes reinforced with textile fabrics and adhesives like starch and glue.A pulp is derived by shocking / boiling paper then adding glue to it.Further the artist either put the pulp in predesigned mold or hand design the pulp to give shape and size to the pulp. History of Paper Mache: It’s used by ancient Egypt for making masks and coffins In Persia, Paper Mache has been used to manufacture small painted boxes, trays, étagères and cases.Japan and China also produced laminated paper articles using Paper-Mache In Japan and India, Paper-Mache was used to add decorative elements to armour and shields In Odisha. Paper Mache is used to produce decorative items, hanging items, jewellery boxes, Pen stands pots etc.

Haastika Handmade Paper Mache Pen/Pencil Holder

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